A Simple Question: Skyrim

It has been a good month for gamers, as a slew of high quality games have been hitting the store shelves.  One of the highest rated games of the bunch is the new Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda Softworks, Skyrim (sporting a 96 Metacritic rating across 69 reviews).  Taking place in a massive fantasy world, where you are free to make your own path as you work your way through an epic storyline, Skyrim is the kind of time-sink that will demand attention if you start playing.  With so many other great games out there, it may be tough to see it through to the end before being pulled in another direction.  It made me wonder:

Do you plan on playing Skyrim straight through before going to another game?

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I have every intention of finishing what I started in Skyrim, but my fear is that, as the holiday season draws near (and stay tuned to Platform Nation for the 2011 Holiday Buying guide!), I will become distracted by titles like Modern Warfare 3 or Saints Row: The Third.  So my best plan is to try and finish the game, and as many sidequests as I can, in the next month.  I’m sure I’ll come BACK to Skyrim many times (as I did with Oblivion), but nothing beats being immersed fully in the game, which is what happens when I first play through it.

What do you think will be the game that pulls you out of Skyrim, if any? Have you already moved on? Vote above, and let us know the details in the comments section below!

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  • Skyrim is staring me as we speak and I refuse to put it in until I know I will dedicate all my time to the game, because I don’t want to rush my Skyrim experience.

  • Ryan (ZwiAn)

    i am about 40 hours in, and i have little desire to play anything else.  It is all consuming… i am SORRY assassins creed revelations, but i won’t be playing you for a couple more weeks.  Keep an eye out for my upcoming review. 

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