Skyrim Sells 3.5 Million In Two Days

Well, 3.5 million may or may not be entirely accurate as it’s merely an estimate of those sold from the 7 million copies of Skyrim that Bethesda shipped. Across all platforms of Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, they are estimating “more than 50% of launch units were sold the in the first 48 hours” in North America, Europe, and Australia. That means Bethesda is expecting $450 million in return.

Quite a lot of scratch for a single-player game with absolutely no online or multiplayer components. If you recall, Battlefield 3 shipped 10 million and sold 5 million (the trend seems to be ship twice as many as you sell) and that is a game and genre generally lauded for its replayability. Is this a sign that gamers are willing to pay for and play a singular gaming experience if it is topnotch? Does it turn out that online passes and multiplayer modes aren’t the end-all, be-all of successful video game franchises?

I don’t really know. In fact, I’ll be honest; I’m kind of distracted playing Skyrim.

Also, this Skyrim rap is too good for its own good.

via Joystiq

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