• Cbsjamison

    Just a little annoyed they could not tell us before they took the system down for Scheduled Maintenance…

    • Yan

      Totally agree, however…maybe they capooped and “unscheduled maintenance” sounds better.

      • Mike Newman57

        There is no better way to kill time than to play MW3 as soon as you get home from work. To blow off a little steam. It’s not permanent people relax!

        • Pmancrs

          Wow as if, good thing we don’t pay for the network like some “xbox” people cause id cancel my shiz if this is how the updates work, guess they went by. Japan time cause all those little bastards are in school, if it still standing that is,, 🙂

          • guest

            i had xbox for 2 years and every maintenance updated was “scheduled” you received a message days in advance from xbox live with the times it would go off line, they did maybe 4 or 5 while I had it and each one was scheduled for the xbox to sign off at 1am central time. I switched from microsoft to sony earlier this year, and the playstation network is disappointing. /I switched for the free network but as always you pay for what you get.

    • bluerose0023



      Damn right the could have told us. They can tell us about a new update but they don’t have the decency to tell us not. BAD TIMING 

  • Anonymous


    • treewilly

      calm your nerve

      • Irvster05

        calm yourrrrrr nerve this is our lifeee lol

    • Veesealey

      no need to b mean 

      • Orlandotamayo90

        I was so happy “finally off work time to kick some butt” and I try logging on and I get this? Thank you PSN..

  • really sony really

    i was going to post a mw3 video today but you guys are like f u nope

    • X_RedReaper_X

      lol that sux

  • Deejay_dredre

    could of told us abit earlier.. awell atleast its not for like 2 days. now im clocking the mw3 campaign again since i cant hop online lol

  • Craig-pollard

    Scheduled maintenance my arse!!!!..hacked again Sony !!!!!

  • Slipperynuts

    yeah… scheduled

  • B0i22

    this is bs fuck you Sony

    • Anon101

      this persons a genius…

      • anon102

        It’s “person’s”, obviously you’re no genius yourself 🙂

        • Horny man


        • Anon101

          I am quite aware of where to put an apostrophe, this is not homework…genius

    • Stop waisting your life…

      you don’t need to be a customer if you don’t like the service….

  • Ekiljano

    how long will it take for it to come back on again,,,???

    • Veesealey

      read the top

  • Nbrown82

    Why u no let Netflix work?!

    • WopFro

      Netflix!!!!!!!! Why!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Giffben

      thats what im saying all i want is to watch some damn netflix

  • Jeep04roadrules

    you couldnt have done it at a better time??? like at 2 or 3 am??? Thats crazy to be off line for maintenance during heavy gaming time!!

    • Adamijaz

      dude theres different timezones in the world

      • Gay

        Look at the map on MW3.  Which part is lit up the most?

        • Johnnie327

          Exactly eastern USA represent the bulk of the gaming community

          • manc

            i think you’ll find europe is pretty much always lit up so get out of your own arses

          • Boner

            So doing it at 2-3 am ET would be 8-10 am your time so you would want that too

          • Dallas21cowboyz

            uhh yeah. some of us have jobs. You know that thing where you work and get money.

          • Euginesuh101

            i like ur name

          • Smittyboy444

            jusy connected to the network back online ireland

          • Jameshine

            the eastern united states is much bigger area

          • Johnnie327

            but compared to Easter US its pretty dim…a wet match in a dark cave

          • USDA PRIME MMA

            i agree with the others that there are more then just are times zones and this could be more effective of a time frame for their asian and euro crowd. Im just selfish and want to jam on some BF3

          • Mmendez421

            BF3 wtf…..don’t you mean MW3

          • zey4all

            Batle field 3 dun ass

          • Chewdice3

            add me badnikka lets fuck up sum russians on bf3 hope u have a mic

          • Deadmnwlkn

            Easter huh?

          • Gbalijr

            its (asses) speak english stupid

          • Gbalijr

            usa! bitch

          • Julianmulet

            Lol you the stupid one arses is ass in British/Irish-English Where English came from 

          • Berlewboy1


        • Nevermind

          MW3 is not the only game on ps3

        • Get yer facts right

          UK fanny baws

        • Ahm Amhhuuricun ah am

          also I like how you relate your geographical knowledge to “MW3” haha DDDUUUHHHH BRIGHT LIGHT = MOOOOOOOOORE

        • Dieselone033

          East coast baby

        • -_____-

          Please don’t start another argument!!!!

        • Candyisquik

          i didnt think that map was accurate ! but i guess it is us hey fuck the japs! they should have the shit here to where paying them 

      • Whatever

        Yes, but the majority of their subscribers are in the US, so they should cater to their customer base.

        • Guest

          not true ..

        • Nevermind

          This link shows up only in the US. If you use Chines, Europe or Middle East google, you will find that they maintenance is in a good time for them not like the US. 

        • Definition of “Douche”

          Here mate, go wave your flag and shout democracy…PSN isn’t just for America as much as you think it is moron

          • Juscallmebuck

            I’m an american and I approve this message!…. Lol

          • pshhwhateva

            same 😛

          • Iviadjf

            PSN has different servers in different countries Guy, they could have done the maintenance at convenient time for everybody. So quit sticking up for PSN just cuz you have some petty grudge against americans. We don’t shout democracy and wave flags…hell, most of us don’t even like our government right now. Anyways, don’t bring politics to an entertainment discussion, nonsense. 

          • Yourmomlikesme

            yeah i belive the company sony is japanesse so they would probably fit their “maintenance” under good time for the japs… but if it was xbox the servers wouldnt be down because xbox is american, but nonetheless i play professional video games so i have both lol

          • USA

            you play professional video games??? is that what they call being a loser in your moms basement chugging redbull with cheeto crumbs on ur belly now?

          • your.moms.x

            the only reason Xbox servers almost never go down is because it is ran by Microsoft if they ever have those problems there screwed but i do love ur tag mine is pretty close!!

          • Nedwheasly

            read a history book and you might find out we do a little more then shout and wave flags   just ask the japs or the krauts or the ragheads

          • NotSureIfSerious

            Germans? Are you serious? Britain and Canada did way more than America, As for ragheads, calling them ragheads already tells me shouting and waving flags is something you’d probably do.

            Luckily most of America is full of good people, its just the ones who think they can boast their superiority and flame other nations who are the idiots.

            Then again, since I’m British, and Americans are British colonists, cant we all get along? 😀

          • D_montenegro82

            Dude…. I’m a British colonist?

          • Wahimabritishbaby

            Wait, Americans flaming other nations?  Umm, it sounds like everyone else is bashing Americans.  It’s not my fault we do everything better than everybody else.  I am also an American veteran, and I also approve this message. As far as the British and Canadians doing “more” during World War II…  Read a history book, or go back to school, whatever it takes to learn a little history.  I mean besides inventing almost everything, only country on the moon, greatest economy ever to grace this earth, strongest military, most world infulence, the freedom to do as we please (even the freedom to break the law because there’s not some jackass following us around), the right to bear arms, oh and kicking the Brits off our damned soil, TWICE, once with pitchforks, once with a brand new army, then saving your asses from the Blitzkrieg (big scary mean Germans with bombs), yeah I guess we’re lame.  That’s why we had to travel to the other side of the earth over a war you were losing terribly.  The Germans kicked half of the planet’s ass, then we showed, and kicked the other half of the planet’s ass.  And you lost a war to a colony full of farmer’s that kicked your ass.  And I’ll bet if you say what you just said to an American’s face, he’s going to kick your ass.  It’s kinda what we do.  Kick ass, invent stuff, kick ass some more, eat red meat, and kick ass some more.  Peace, suckers.  I need to go eat some red meat and yes, you guessed, kick some ass…  Hope the network’s up.

          • Wah

            Almost forgot… When America flames you, you’ll be able to tell.  People will be screaming and begging for mercy, and then they’ll be gone.

          • Jjninja5

            hahaha y not were all da same

          • your moderate american

            While I think the derogatory name calling by my fellow american is pathetic, the United States is arguably the founder of modern democracy. Also without America’s involvement in world war II England would have fell to Germany and the world as we know it would have been completely different.

             Sure Britain has a very long and impressive history but most of it involves pointless wars between evil rulers that you all call kings. It took your country nearly 600 years from the signing of the magna carta to have anything close to a democracy which I think speaks volumes. I respect Britain and I respect you, but in terms of what our respective country’s contributed to the modern world…my vote will always be democracy. 

          • World wide peace

            You guys are insanely dumb arguing over this. I mean really? You guys really wasted you time on this?

          • Xxdonthemonxx

            If it wasn’t for america you would be speaking German or Russian in “Great” Britain. We may have our heads up our ass right now but as soon as all of the old guard dies off and the new generation gets in power we’ll be great again. Wow how did this turn into a political discusion.

          • Yenixr

            I agree can’t we all just get along

          • miniwilko97

            this argument started by sayin why could of ya piked a differnt time guys come on the update is only 1 day u can play ur game the next day carnt ya !!!!!!!!!

          • USA

            BRITISH COLONISTS??? live in the 1600’s much?? Britain got their asses handed to them by the “colonists”, and then we became Americans. Oh, and I believe it was America and russia who took berlin, while chamberlain was doing everything but giving head for our support.  The only thing we have in common is english, except yall speak it like a bunch of fuckin queers

          • Ndial36

            Krauts ?  the krauts where bombing my grannies chippy for 3 years before you gun ho lot came ! but you did yourselves proud in the pacific so let you off !

          • George Covarrubias

            Damn all this hostility for a video game. Now Now Girls

          • Misc

            wow…that comment really didn’t help your cause.

          • Blaker1234

            Why is everyone fighting over psn get a fkn life douche bags

          • NotAWanker

            Lol, yes mate, it is also for monarchy-arse-kissing wankers too.
            However, nearly half of PSN users reside in the US and an overwhelming majority are located in the same time zones or within an hour or two of US time zones. 

            Careful with that prissy tea cup, you might spill it on your console and be  sued by Sony for attempting to modify it 😛

          • USA

            everythings about america ya faggy brit.  next time the germans are kicking your ass go ask the french for help.. oh wait, theyll be fucked too

      • Holmesjc98


      • Fearthegecko

        This message is sent to people on PSN US. You could do it at 12 or 1am PST which would be early morning on the east coast, affecting the least amount of people. 

        Then again, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest….. PSN sucks. I’d rather just pay a monthly fee in order to get guaranteed service. 

        • Kevin760sd

          I love the ps3 but its network sucks there would be no need for maintnance if yu guys made a good fucking network!!!! Xbox live is way better !!! But there system is shit

    • mexico2215

      oh my fukin gosh i was barely gonna play cause i was finaly not ground wtf the bad luck!!!!!!!!     anyways y they put it off? or watever oh nd by the way if u wanna play wit me my gamertag is …….    Mexico2215  …….   i play black ops
      im kinda beast best is 40-2

      • Mexico2215

        in a lil add me cause i am BEAST  if u want to add me then reply to me here so i know  OK!

        • [email protected]

          I didn’t know Mexicans get grounded.

          • murk

            or had parents

          • Jddebiase82

            I thought mexicans were grounded from birth

          • Brown&down

            All u gay fags hating on mexicans can go eat a fat burrito like ur girls sisters and mamas!

          • Horny man

            you tell em dawg

          • Horny man



        haha that’s all my best 93-5 getonmylevel2011

        • Clffree

          YAll Are crazy!, how about on regular team deathwatch 54-5 northsideboy5

        • StrykerLink

          215-13 getonmylevelnoob


          Of course, but mines is 150 – 3

          • goukenx

            I need to play Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

      • mexico2215isweak

        thats not beastly

      • IDeclareWar

        I’ve got a buddy that went 91-7 on Nuketown 24/7.  3 chopper gunners.  That kid is insane.  And I’ve got another friend that went 134-33 on Summit Demolition

        • Player__39

          f*ck u got alot of friends

          • Johnnie327

            lol too funny

        • Northaideboy5

          That’s pretty good, I’ve done 97-15 on capture the flag

        • Northaideboy5

          That’s pretty good, I’ve done 97-15 on capture the flag

      • Yeah

        You’re gay

        • Aka-GOLDENBULLET

          Dude u suck balls my best is 120-3 u r just another noob with a lucky game K/D is 3.5 wthats yours 0.8

          • Badlandman21

            sounds like you need a life. nobody cares about you bragging about some lame ass game. bet you live in your parents basement, you 35 year old virgin loser.

      • C Mccoy

        lean how to spell you fucking cunt

        • Horny man

          lean?WTF I think you need to learn how to spell before you make yourself look retarded!

        • Guest

          “lean how to spell’?  hahahahaha

      • Yeah

        You’re a total HOMO 

      • GarlicChicken

        You guys are friggin turds. Don’t you have a life?

      • johnson

        dude you are not kinda beast you are a stupid camping spic im sure and you evidentally cannot afford MW3 …..

      • Anonymous

        what 40-2 is beast?

      • X2pwnx

        Try 40 and nothing black ops plus mw3 us better nOob

      • Kevin760sd

        Ha my best on regular TDM Is 49-11 that on shitty ass black ops

    • Zack_Havok

      i have to agree with this person. most player are in the US so they should of went off are time early as hell in the morning. i get off work at 3pm and expect to play some MDub3 when i get home. the network is supposed to start up when i need to sleep. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    • Something_Wicked!

      pretty sure there is heavy gaming all the time… I normall play from around midnight to 5 in the morning… And there are still over a million people online at those times…bottom line is that it needs to get done, deal with it

    • Jmo3688

      agree…..they also should send message thru the ps3 telling everyone there is a prob. or doing mait. gezzzzzz   its not that hard.

    • Anonomous

      u need to be patient motherfucker

    • Canabioman

      Ur taking it a bit serious buddy.. I wanna do shit too but no sense of crying over spilt milk… They’re prob makin it better…


      YAAAAAAAASSS!! Scotland is back online!! Get it right up ye’s!! XD

    • Guy_who_has_a_life1

      word up dawg! i feel ya homes. btw im white

    • Anonymous

      okay thanks i didn’t now

  • PrincessSARAjune

    Yeah… next time how about letting the world know before shutting down?

  • PrincessSARAjune

    Yeah… next time how about letting the world know before shutting down?

  • bummed

    Add Netflix to that list.  Can’t get into that unless you can log on to PSN.  🙁

  • William

    what really sucks is that I cant use netflix or hulu+ because of this as well…   Stuff like this needs to happen on Sunday NIGHTS

  • pissed off psn user

    this is stupid

  • xHARTx

    It always happens when you get home from somewhere and are really excited to play. Way to ruin my night.

  • Senor Nipples


  • Disappointed.

    How scheduled is it if no one knows about it?  Pretty lousy timing for those of us in the U.S.

  • Yourmom

    well this is fing great, thanks for ruining my evening since 10pm pst means i have to sleep you aholes

    • Angrycustomer

      or maybe they should do maintence when the majority of people are sleeping not when after a hard day at work they come home and nothing, schedule maintence bs, oh and hey playstation, way to do it a week after your biggest game of the year comes out, your fing morons

  • Jon_delaney

    When will it be back on in the uk?

  • Sigep22

    How about maintaining your network at 2am?!?!!!

  • Jesse-walter

    If you read IGN they posted this 2 days ago

  • guest

    how bout do it at a 4 a.m u bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tynard2

    Ok I hope they is adding something new

  • wayne

    so now I can’t use my netflix account? Maybe its time for apple TV.