• fj;sldd;

    dat suks i cant ply mw3 today

  • Lrgonzalez10

    wow terrible timeing Sony

  • damiga78

    BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t even watch netlix you rotten scoundrels!!!

  • Satek

    Oh brill, finished work to go on mw3. Guess not. Thanks for the prior notice of this Sony. Why not do it on the downtime than the peak time? Someone is really clever at sony

  • Psiontrance

    also can’t wait netfix

    • Balls_2 The_wall

      Ps3 down 🙁 Back to normal life……….This suck can’t wait till 10pm

  • StevenJHydeIII

    Ridiculous….. They couldn’t wait and do this around 3 or 4 am?   I had people over here to watch hockey and now I cant even sign in to watch it…   Fkn Christ

  • Ron Tawney

    glad i pay for netflix and can’t even use it now

  • neal

    Ps3 sucks Dick

  • Billy

    I do not believe I have ever encountered a network like this, that is so weak it needs to be taken down so often……. This network is soon going to fail me for the last time……. Xbox and online streaming on my computer are looking real nice right now……..

  • Gay

    Six plus hours for maintenance!?! GAY!

  • 00100

    why is the hill they turned it down without even telling the customer about their usual Bullshitting   

  • Adioboy51

    I wonder if it was another hack?

  • Shunthaone

    God whyyyyyyy! Jk. Jus wanna play mw3, thats all.

  • Bamm14

    fuck this going to xbox

  • stupid sony

    only day I can actually play my ps3 and maintenance…going back to the 360, waste of time trying to play on this anyway

  • Austin Miller

    Right itll Be Back Up Soposeofly At 10PM Are u Sure this Time Last time It Took Like a Month

  • The_Chad76

    You guys should warn us.. I planned on playing online during my only day off. 6 hours from now, maybe? Xbox warns. Get it together

  • Kay

    Everyone keeps telling me that I should have purchased an xbox 360 (even with having to pay for the online membership) and I’m starting to see why…

  • Ryouell1980

    Gee weird they couldn’t do it during the middle of the night while most people are asleep?!?! WTF

  • Fabian Hernandez27

    ooooo OK thought something was wrong with my ps3 

  • Yubranglez

    I believe is gonna be coming back at 10 tonight.

  • Danieljstrietz

    i love psn but a little fair warning would of been much appreciated hopefully they are fixing a lot of the glitching and lagging problems in mw3 also the hackers are getting stopped

  • Aussie2975

    how about doing it in the early morning instead of when everyone wants to play

  • damiga78

    Now I have to talk to my wife…

    • Americanbadass513

      Lol that’s funny as hell dude…

    • Junkel2000

      Me top

    • Horny man


  • Wowzawu

    Launch mw3 and then take the network offline — genius move sony.