Torchlight 2 Delayed

Looks like we will have to wait a little longer before killing monsters and finding loot in the world of Torchlight. Runic Games announced this week that the game won’t release in the 2011 window they were hoping for. Travis Baldree from Runic Games said in a post that they will be using the extra time to make Torchlight 2 “the best game we can make and hopefully one that you’ll enjoy and continue to want to play in the future.”

While it always stinks to here about a game being delayed it’s good to here that a developer wants to make their game as good as it can possibly be. If it takes a few more months to reach that level then it’s completely worth the wait. If you want some more information on the game, Runic just released a podcast including a community Q&A with some play testers. You can find it here.

Source: Torchlight 2

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