Two New Worlds Revealed For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

No, Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t been announced. But, hey, we have yet another handheld version of the Final Fantasy cross Disney hybrid action RPG series coming sometime next year, this time to the Nintendo 3DS. And, according to a Japanese gaming publication called Jump, you’ll be battling heartless across a Pinocchio themed world called Pranksters’ Paradise, and La Cité des Cloches, which is based off of the Hunchback of Notre Dame films.

Set in the belly of a giant whale, this world [Pranksters Paradise] will let Sora and friends adventure through a heart warming fairytale land consisting of circus huts and other elements in 3D. You’ll encounter Pinocchio, whose nose grows when he tells a lie, just like in the original story, and Jiminy Cricket.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame world is named La Cité des Cloches. Screens show Sora in an encounter with Frollo and the city guards in the city plaza. They’re apparently concerned about the appearance of demons in the city.

My Nintendo News claims more information on the 3D-ified outing for the series will be coming out of Famitsu magazine in the coming weeks. Neither of these worlds seem like drastic departures for the series, but I’m actually a bit excited for Dream Drop Distance. Then again, my 3DS is so sad and unused that I’d probably play Babyz Adventures 3D if that game existed. Anyway, keep an eye on the site for any upcoming news concerning Kingdom Hearts 3D. NOT “3.” Only “3D.” Just so we’re clear.


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