A Look At Street Fighter X Tekken’s Character Customization

After teases and rumor pictures, Capcom finally announced alternate costumes for characters in Street Fighter X Tekken as well as a detailed customization system.

Referred to as ‘Swap Costumes,’ all the characters in Street Fighter X Tekken now have an alternate outfit for them to wear. Unlike Street Fighter IV where alternates can be based on a past versions of something else unique for a character, the Swap Costumes shows off how a character from one of the franchises would look if they had qualities of the opposite game. Now Street Fighter characters can look like they came off of Tekken and vice-versa. Julia Chang from Tekken can now look like Street Fighter’s Chun-Li while SF’s Abel can now look more like Tekken’s Armor King.

While not as revealed, SFXT also features as character-specific customization system. The menu shows off that players can modify colors of a character’s outfit, with the possibility of modifying Swap Costumes into the collection.

Street Fighter X Tekken is still projected to release on Mar. 6, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Vita, Xbox 360, and also PC. You can also take a gander of the pictures featuring more of the character Swap Costumes.

Source: Official site, Capcom-Unity

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