Jak And Daxter Celebrate Ten Years With An HD Collection

Did you not get your HD fill of Jak and Daxter with PlayStation Move Heroes? The titular duo haven’t appeared on the console beyond that crossover title, and haven’t had a buddy adventure since 2009’s Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. Since their initial title, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy came out in 2011, Sony’s decided to celebrate their tenth birthday. Mass Media and Naughty Dog will be bringing three of the titles to high definition on the PlayStation 3.

Sony today announced Jak and Daxter Collection, combining the three core PlayStation 2 Jak titles into one release. The combination also comes with 720p visuals, trophies, and support for stereoscopic 3D. While a price hasn’t been announced, it would be safe to bet that the title would run in the $40-50 range, like many other HD collections. This collection also omits The Lost Frontier, Jak X: Combat Racing, and the solo Daxter title.

Have you played through the Jak and Daxter series? Will you be ready to revisit the games in HD?

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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