Vita 3G Gets Vodafone As Carrier In EU

If you are planning on buying a Vita when it releases in four months and you are planning on getting the 3G version, here are the carriers that will be providing the 3G.

In the US, the carrier is AT&T, in Japan it’s NTT Docomo and announced today, 3G Vita’s in most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand will have Vodafone as the carrier.

Being from the UK, I know that Vodafone are a great choice to provide 3G internet for the Vita, but with no pricing announced yet, I guess we’ll have to see. I’d have to wonder how many people will be getting the 3G version anyway, I know I won’t be as I have my phone to browse the web and don’t think I’ll be doing so much battery-sucking online gaming on the go. Also I would never download anything such as games over 3G so it would be pointless for me to get one.

PS Vita launches in Europe on 22nd Feb 2012. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more coverage.

Source: Playstation EU Blog

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