Humble Bundle Goes Introverted

Gamers are really charitable bunches at times. Sure, there are the crowds that spew forth hatred on Xbox Live, and the regular bunch of savages that illegally torrent games, but for the most part, there are good people out there. Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity is the perfect sign of that. For gamers who want something out of it, the Humble Indie Bundle has been around to supply games for donations.

Today, a new Humble Bundle launched, entitled the Humble Introversion Bundle. Anyone who donates receives Uplink, Dawinia, Defcon, and Multiwinia. People who donate more than the average (currently $2.91) will also receive Crayon Physics Deluxe and Aquaria. Additionally, two tech demos are bundled, a Voxel Tech Demo and a Subversion City Generator. As usual, the items are DRM free, cross-platform on some of them, but all can help both Child’s Play and the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

Have you been a regular supporter of the Humble Bundles? I’m pretty sure I’ve bought every one.

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