Indie Royale Bundle Changes The Game Plan

The Humble Indie Bundle started something new. Gamers can make a charitable donation and receive games. Naturally, it was bound to have some competition or camaraderie, and Indie Royale has taken up the cause as well. Still, enough differences between the two projects exist, and they all go towards a good cause, whether it be charity or supporting indie developers. Indie Royale has decided to change things up, and have issued an open letter explaining the changes.

Effectively, Indie Royale will be offering a pre-order of future bundles for $3.99 minimum each. As each bundle will launch at $2.99 (and rise with each donation increasing the average), this may make you spend more money if you were to buy the bundle at launch, but would save money if you were to buy it down the road. Additionally, they’re removing the “once every two-week” schedule, and working on a more loose timeline. The Really Big Bundle will be hitting soon after Thanksgiving, the Alpha Fund Bundle in three weeks, and The Xmas Bundle around the holidays.

While no word about what games will be included in these bundles, chances are you’d find something fun, and worth the $2.99.

Will you preorder?

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  • Go Tux!

    I will stick with the Humble Bundle since they have a Linux version for every game.