RAGE Demo Now Available On Xbox LIVE

If you are like me your back log of awesome games is up to the ceiling in your game room and you refuse to buy any other games or maybe you just don’t have the cash right now to buy a game you really want. Well we have some news that you maybe interested in for the hit game RAGE. Now by the title you know that RAGE the demo is available on Xbox Live right now (PS3 players 12/6), but did you know that RAGE will be available for a special Black Friday sale price of $29.99 at GameStop and select retailers. Yes, a thirty dollar savings! Now there is an early present you can give yourself!

Here is a little more about RAGE and be sure to checkout our review of the game.

The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks beneath the town of Wellspring with plans to poison the water supply. You are the only one with the weapons, talent and courage to stop them. While in Wellspring, you can also meet the townsfolk, try your hand in games of skill and chance, peruse the wares of the local vendors or hit the Speedway for some racing.

For more information on RAGE visit their website.

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