A Simple Question: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

As was mentioned here on Platform Nation, the Xbox 360 is getting a Dashboard Update!  Now, there are some gamers out there that already have this update, and some of the things I’m hearing are: slick looking, fast, and beacons are a really neat (and useful) feature.  I didn’t have too much of a problem with the old layout, but I’m always up for a fresh look.  The Metro UI is certainly pleasing to the eye, and will go great with my Windows Phone, so I’m in. Take a moment to look through the list of changes (hello cloud saves), and then answer the question below:

What do you think of the proposed changes coming to your Xbox 360 Dashboard?

(You may need to refresh the page to see the poll)

I think there are enough substantial changes in this update to warrant a “Love it” out of me. Adding functionality with no additional charges is always a good thing, and I think I will be much more connected with the people on my friends list, thanks to the beacons giving me a heads up when people are playing the games I like.  Now if we could just get the friend’s list cap to increase over 100….

What do you think? Vote above, and let us know what your favorite upcoming feature is below.

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A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Give a response and let the world know what you think; there is no right or wrong answer here. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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