Kickstarters To Watch

Thousands of amazing ideas for video games, comic books, movies, music, theater and more aren’t realized because of a lack of funding. Kickstarter is a site where you can help fund these creative ideas that might otherwise never see the light of day. Every day creators put their projects on Kickstarter for you to find. There are different pledge levels for each project that will earn you rewards. Rewards can range from a simple thank you to a copy of the project itself to special Kickstarter exclusives to a chance to work with the creator on the project. Here are some Kickstarter projects that Platform Nation readers might be interested in.

Jak and Poi

Jak and Poi is a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that could include giant robots, red turtle shells, super heroes and a lot more. It’s a collectible card game currently being developed for iOS. The rules are simple. Players play a Jak (the regular rock, paper or scissors) or a Poi (dinosaurs, knights, etc) against each other. The game looks easy to learn and building your deck and choosing when to play Poi should add a lot of add depth. The art on each card looks gorgeous. It’s crisp and clean while still being silly and creative. While it’s an iOS game, some pledge levels will get you a deck of the cards in real life. Funding ends Dec. 26. Check it out here.

Dragon Island

Kotaku made me aware of this game and it looks great. Dragon Wars is an iOS game where you’ll build an army of monsters to get you through each dungeon. There are hundreds of monsters just waiting to join your army. Each monster will be unique and useful but also expendable. Only three monsters will fight at a time but as soon as one dies the next one in your battle order steps up. The fact that your monsters will fall in battle makes sure you can’t just focus on a small number of them. Each monster in your army has to be ready to battle. Funding ends Dec. 10. Check it out here.

The Miskatonic School for Girls

This game is of the board variety. Set in a Lovecraftian world, The Miskatonic School For Girls challenges you to be the last remaining sane person standing. The staff of the school are all horrors trying to turn the students insane. You’ll need to buy friends and send the worst of the staff to other players. It’s a cute twist to the Cthulhu world with a fantastic art style. A pledge of 45 dollars or more will get you a copy of the game. Funding ends Dec. 5. Check it out here.

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