The Steam Autumn Sale Begins Today

The Holiday’s are upon us and so are some great sales on some must have games. Today, Steam has kicked off their Holiday Sale with some great titles and some awesome prices.

Here is just a taste of the awesome prices:

Mass Effect 2 $4.99 a 75% savings.

Orcs Must Die $3.74 a 75% savings.

Portal 2 $10.19 a 66% savings.

Men of War Vietnam $8.74 a 75% savings.

For all the bargains be sure to checkout Steam website right now, and save yourself some serious cash! Just don’t go to crazy as Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it.

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  • phantom of the hip hopera

    they still haven’t sent an email about the hacking, sony managed to do that, valve are such cunts