The Sly Collection Coming PSN Tuesday

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! My PS3 was my first Sony console. I never owned nor ever played the PS1 or the PS2. When I decided to get the PS3, I was excited about the library of games, but a bit bummed when I saw all the games I had missed. One franchise I was especially bummed about was the Sly Cooper franchise. I love third-person action adventure games, and Sly seemed perfect for me. When the Sly Collection was originally announced for a HD remaster I immediately pre-ordered; and when it arrived, I devoured the games. I loved the gameplay, the story was fun and the characters were lovable. I even used Sly 2, to help switch me from inverted controls to normal controls. Now each game is coming to PSN next week (29th) at 9.99 a pop. Although, it’s not hard to find the retail disc (with Move mini games) for $20.

If you never played any of the Sly games, give them a shot. They are broken up nicely into episodes and are all relatively easy platinums. There is an overarching story that’s woven through all three. If anything, they are a great primer for the next Sly Cooper game coming out next year.

Source: PS Blog

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