Hot Black Friday Sales

Looking for some hot video game deals without leaving the comfort of your home? Well look no further as we have a few deals you may just be interested in, and remember if your click on any of the pictures of the products in this post it will help keep the light on, here at Platform Nation plus it will save you some of that hard earned cash of yours so you can buy even more games and/or accessories.

Easily hook up with friends with Video Kinect, no headset required
Sign into your profile by just stepping in front of the sensor
Kinect games give you the freedom to jump, duck, and spin your way through a unique adventure.
Kinect uses cutting-edge technology to provide a whole new way to play
Incudes “Kinect Adventures!” and token codes for downloadable versions of “Gunstringer” and “Fruit Ninja Kinect” (requires broadband internet connection to redeem)

Sounds pretty good and it will only set you back $99.99 a savings of $50!

How does $39.99 sound for a copy of the hit game Battlefield 3, not bad at all if you ask me.

Holy Batman! Batman Arkham City down to $44.99, now that’s a crime the cape crusader should look into.

FIFA Soccer 12 is down to $39.99. Not only a great price but a score for the soccer fans out there.

Slamming its way into your house for the holidays is a must have for the WWE Fans out there, plus the price tag is awesome as well, as the fight stick will set you back $49.98 a savings of $30.01!

Don’t forget a good headset can save many a relationship, as you will not be keeping your loved one awake while pulling off that headset from 100 yards away. Plus for $53.99 you can’t go wrong!

How about pulling off that amazing headshot with this awesome Move attachment, and for $15.75, I bet you have your sights on this one.

Your going to have to keep your Move charged and for $$16.50, this one has me charged up with savings.

Here is a great bargain for the PC fan, and with a price tag of $15.99 for this PC download you don’t have to wait for the disc to arrive, as you can be playing the newest Tropico all in the same day without leaving your house.

For $27.49, this one will have you racing to your charge card to buy this one.

Be sure to protect your Nintendo 3DS in style with this beauty. And for $10.99, that’s not just protection, but a great buy as well.

What do you mean you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP?! Well for $11.99 pick this one up for a loved one so they don’t miss out on this great game.

Now this was just a brief rundown of some of the great sales going on over at Do yourself a favor and checkout all the great products at a greater savings than almost anywhere out there, plus help out your favorite gaming website Platform Nation all at the same time.

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  • Ryan (ZwiAn)

    thanks scott!  i picked up assassins creed revelations for 34 bucks