Skyrim Abuse And The Fun To Be Had

It’s fall break, meaning in the US that you’re probably either a) still full of turkey, b) drunk and wishing your family members would leave your house, or c) beating back deal-seeking savages at your local Best Buy for Black Friday deals. In light of the unusually barbarous nature of these chilling days, let’s have some fun with Skyrim!

As with most PC games, Skyrim has a console you can enable by pressing the ` (tilde) key, which allows users to input text commands to manipulate the game. For instance, you can spawn dragons, give yourself gold, or just straight-up kill everything. YouTube user Colloseus X, however, is using this newfound power to stage massive battles between enemy AIs. Take this for example: four giants vs. one Dwarven Centurion Master.

Honestly, I had my money on the giants. My only disappointment is that this really highlights the lack of physical interaction with characters in Skyrim. Hits that powerful should be visibly staggering or launching those giants and that old fantasy steampunk robot thing. Instead, you only see that sort of thing happen when characters die or when a dragon flies by and snatches up a hapless guard.

Anywho, have fun abusing Skyrim (and probably your CPU)!

via Kotaku

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  • Anonymous

    Giants actually have fairly low health. I was able to kill one in one hit with a sneak attack with a dagger.

    I want to see a few giants against a dozen or so guards.