Movie Casting: Mario

There has been a lot of talk lately about video games being adapted into movies. Information about movies like Uncharted, BioShock and Mass Effect has been coming out for months. Perhaps the biggest news regarding any video game movie is the casting. Casting can make or break a movie based on a game. Luckily for you readers, below is the perfect cast for a (definitely not) upcoming video game movie. A brand new film based on a storied franchise. Mario…


Solid Snake. Shave that beard, throw on some blue overalls and he’s all set.


Dudley. Green, blue, gloves, mustache? Check, check, check, check.


Zelda. She has the regalness down and can be kidnapped with the best of them.


Lara Croft. Hopefully she’ll be comfortable wearing more than short shorts and a tank top.


Turok Raptor. It’s female so she’ll lay eggs too.


Aladdin. Change the vest color and put on Sultan’s hat and he’s perfect.

Shy Guy

Splatterhouse’s Rick Taylor. Well… they both have red on them.


Andy Serkis. After Gollum and King Kong playing Bowser should be no problem.


Plants VS Zombies’ Chomper. Chomper has idolized Piranha so the role would be an honor.

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