Legion Earbuds Review

The Legion earbuds from iFrogz are a set of noise-isolating headphones built to keep the outside world out, and whatever you’re listening to in. There’s several other features built into them that make them a solid package for anyone searching for a new set of earbuds. The cord is built to be anti-tangle, which it succeeds at for the most part. Bass is replicated incredibly well, given the small size of the buds. Built at a slight angle, the earbuds are very comfortable to wear, only becoming less so after about two or three hours of use. With all of that going for them, retailing at $25 seems like a fair trade.
Packaged in a  standard small, plastic bubble pack, the Legion earbuds stand out with a stark blue and black design. Everything you need to know about the earbuds is listed on the back of the package, including their ‘guts’ a 9mm driver unit, 1.2m long cord, and a standard 3.5mm jack, making it a good fit for everything from iPods to laptops. Getting into the packaging was easy enough, the plastic was thin enough that there wasn’t that annoyance that comes with opening most sealed bubble packs. The two pairs of earfit pieces that come with the buds can be easily missed, so look for them before tossing out the plastic container.
Getting the Legion’s set up is as simple as picking the right earfit pieces for you, so that they’re just the right size, and plugging the earbuds into your device of choice. Using them both indoors and outside both provide roughly the same amount of noise-cancellation, making them good all-purpose ear buds. At both extremes (really quiet settings, and blasting something full volume), they perform great, with absolutely no audio hiss or popping.
While great earbuds in and of themselves, the biggest problem with the Legions is the cord. It’s not quite as non-tangle as they would like you to believe. Right out of the package, there was a stubborn tangle towards the plug end of the earbuds, and after about a week of use the buds themselves are wound up pretty good, sometimes needing to be stretched out before being put to use. Other than those minor issues, usability isn’t an issue at all.
The Legion earbuds have a great design to them- looking as sleek and inviting as the packaging they come in. For as much as iFrogz has packed in them, they’re surprisingly lightweight, and never feel heavy in your ears. All the sound levels are perfectly equalized, and as mentioned earlier, bass sounds great. The earfit pieces already mounted on the ear buds fit well, and with the other two sizes included, there should be no problem finding a build that’s just right for your ears. They fit snug and keep their place, bringing all outside noises to a low muffle. You should have no problem hearing what your listening to no matter what situation you’re in.
At $25, the Legion earbuds are a great investment. The minor hitches they have are the same that come with all earbuds, but their high points are better than most other types on store shelves, most of which cost more. They do what they’re advertised to do, and do it exceptionally well. If you’re looking for a new pair of earbuds, for both indoor and outdoor use, you’ve found them.

For more information about Legion and iFrogz products, please visit their website.

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