Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst Party

Earlier last week, I was invited to a special release party that Big Fish Games was having for the launch of their newest Mystery Case Files game, Escape from Ravenhearst. Escape from Ravenhearst just launched on November 24. Now if you haven’t heard of Escape from Ravenhearst before, this is actually the third game in the Ravenhearst series, and the eighth in the Mystery Case Files series on the PC/Mac side of things. It’s actually a pretty popular series that until just recently, I knew nothing about. And it also has pretty big hardcore type of following too. One of the interesting things about the following of the game is that it does have a hardcore type of following, but they weren’t your normal hardcore type of gamers. Mystery Case Files really seems to hit its target market of female gamers, and the older type too. At least that is what I noticed from this party. I have to hand it to these women too, they know their stuff, especially when it game to Mystery Case Files. They were so excited for Escape from Ravenhearst, and it wasn’t what you would expect either. It was like the type of excitement that you see the typical 20-30 year old male get for something like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Of course, that being said, Escape from Ravenhearst will appeal to anyone that loves the hidden items, puzzle, mystery type of games.

Alright, I think I need to talk a little about the party since that was the whole idea of doing this post for me. The party itself was pretty cool. They held it at this mansion in downtown Seattle. When we walked into the mansion, we were given our detective badges and a list of items that we were tasked with finding in this mansion. It was pretty fun. I was going to take my wife along but my little one got pretty sick so I brought my brother along with me. We did alright, found just about everything that we were suppose to find. There were some harder items to look for but we managed to find them eventually. After our hunt, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed on to the main area were we were given a short demo of the game itself.

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst seemed like a pretty cool game. It wasn’t a shooter, a RPG or anything like that, it seemed like a nice change of pace. Find some clues, solve a mystery, and just have fun, that’s what I gathered from it. Like I said before, Escape from Ravenhearst is set to release November for the PC and Mac. You should do yourself a favor and head on over to Big Fish Games‘s website and check it out, or check out some of the other deals that they have going on right now. Right now they actually have a deal where you can pick up any game for $2.99 using coupon code, NEW299 (doesn’t work on the collectors editions though).

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