PS Vita Won’t Run Classics At Launch

For all the grief Sony gets for the concept of PlayStation Plus (subscribing to a discount for content), regular users of the service have likely accrued a vast amount of PSOne titles. The PlayStation Network has also had the unexpected boon of following Nintendo’s lead and releasing classic titles that only came out in Japan on the service. Years after they removed PlayStation 2 support for the console in new models, games for that console are hitting digitally. Sony players have a hearty amount of retro games to play, and were looking to boot them up on the PS Vita.

Sony has updated it’s PS Vita FAQ (on it’s Japanese page) to state that (thanks to Google Translate)

In the PS Vita PlayStation ® Do you play the game Archives of the title?

At the time of release will not support PS Vita. Plans for future measures will be announced shortly.

Obviously, this seems to not be an explicit ruling out, and more of a later inclusion. Whether this will require a firmware update or simply allowing users to transfer/download these files to their Vita is left up in the air. Given the high prices of memory for the device, players might not even want to download full CD games (or DVD, in the case of PlayStation 2) titles to store on their device.

Will you wait on the Vita until you can play such classics as Cyberbots? I know this tempers my interest even moreso.

Source: Siliconera

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