Company Aims To Make Urination Fun

Now there is a sentence I thought I would never have to type, some of you may be aware that Sega Japan has a bizarre form of game for urinals by offering a score based on your aim and other variables (I think)

If you weren’t aware of this before you probably thought this was something that could only exist in a land that brings you tentacle based fornication( if you don’t know what I mean it’s probably best that you don’t Google that) You’d be right, or at least you were right.

Ladies and Gentleman (just Gentleman actually) I give you Captive Media and their interactive urinal now trialling in Cambridge and ready to roll out to a urinal near you soon. 


The system will offer several game types from a general quiz to a skiing game and when not in use will show adverts from one of 6 PTV channels. Should their creation take off Captive Media intend to offer something similar for their female toilets, although obviously it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the male counterpart unless they offered a free she wee(again please don’t Google that) in every toilet


Source: Captive Media, BBC News, GamesRadar(for video of Sega Japan’s creation)

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  • Ryan (ZwiAn)

    this is so awesome… I want one at home… lol