December Car Pack For Forza 4 Revealed

The next monthly installation of Forza 4 DLC has been revealed by IGN in a video trailer and article. The December IGN Pack brings in 10 new cars and will be delivered on December 6th.  It will cost $7/560msp, or for season pass owners it will be included for free. The season pass gives you access to the first 6 add-ons and is available for $30, and includes the first DLC package – the November Speed Pack.

The ten cars will rank from pure speed-demons to some stinkers.  Topping out the pack is the 2011 Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 – a custom built hillclimb vehicle that delivers over 897hp and more downforce than a planet. A GT4 version of the Maserati GranTurismo MC will bring some high-end class to the high-end racers.  The 2011 Ford F-150 Raptor will be included with some visual customization including bed-configuration.

The other cars included in the December IGN Pack are the: 2011 Mazda RX-8 R3, 1967 Chevelle SS, 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S,1986 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT,  1967 Maserati 300s, and the highly requested rally legend – the 1977 Ford Escort RS1800.

Pictures and brief descriptions of all the cars are available over at, and a trailer is waiting to be played below.

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  • megaman

    dam shit i payed for the season pass for this shit dam dissapointment

    • Anonymous

      I think the Monster Suzuki, the Raptor, and the Maserati’s make this pack worth it.

    • StalePhish

      I’m very excited about this! I would’ve been happy if the pack only contained the Fiero 🙂

  • Mcbbuilds

    Any chance of seeing some more classic ford’s i.e cortina’s mk1 Granadas anglia’s zepher’s etc, now that would be worth dienloading


    the FIERO!!!!!! the car that almost took out the VETT…….THEY HAT TO STOP MAKEING IT TI ONLY LASTED 4 YEARS… I HAVE ON  STILL AND LOVE IT

  • Benleduc61

    When are they gonna put the new 5.0 mustang or the new boss 302?? Surprised they weren’t in the game when it was released

    • LiveFast

      Turn 10 has to get the rights for the 5.0 which im sure they did by now so it will prob be out in another month or 2 hopefully

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  • T3amOrsum96

    oooo the RS1800 🙂

  • 2001durangort

    I wanna see the 2001 Durango 5.9 R/T or 2001 Dakota R/T 5.9 extended cab in the game… Both of which I think are high performance trucks… They brought the raptor…. Now just bring the trucks I just mentioned as well as the ford lightning and trailblazer as and we got a good car pack

  • Some new tracks would be nice.

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