Now You Can Battle Stuff With Kinect

Kinect Fun Labs is an interesting experiment, and a required download for anyone with a Kinect. Effectively, the concept allows refined tech demos in the hands of players. While nothing substantial or long-lasting has hit the service, for the cost of free, they’re decent little time wasters. One aspect, severely underused in the Kinect field, has been that of scanning objects in.

Battle Stuff, the newest freebie in the lab, seems to bring that to forefront. Based on the description, players will scan objects to enter “fighters” into the ring. It appears that players will coach them in battle, but different items will have different skills. When items take damage, they seem to blast apart akin to 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Make sure you grab the free title on the Marketplace. Also, be smart when scanning items. Nobody wants to see your junk fight.

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