The REALLY Big Bundle Launches

IndieRoyale has just launched their third bundle, titled the REALLY BIG BUNDLE. As much as you may have hoped this meant that dozens of games would be included, the name is actually a reference to one of the games included.

The bundle contains five games, Really Big Sky, Runespell: Overture, Cthulhu Saves the world and Breath of Death VII Double Pack, and Eufloria.  Really Big Sky is a fast-paced dual stick shooter, developed by Boss Baddie. Runespell: Overture is a card-based strategy game, which reviewed earlier this year.  The Cthulhu and Breath of Death Double Pack are a pair of pixel art games in the tradition of classic RPG’s.  The final game, Eufloria (which some may know by its original name, Dyson) is a strategy game based around plant growth and space exploration.

The bundle’s current minimum is $3.13 – though that’s constantly changing. The IndieRoyale bundles work similarly to the Humble Indie Bundle we all know well. Its a pay what you want package, but with a minimum price instead of a total free-for-all. If you pay the minimum price you will subsequently raise the price for all future users, if you pay higher than the minimum you lower it for everyone else.

All five games come with Steam and Desura keys, which sweetens the deal quite significantly. Really Big Sky is only available on Steam through this bundle, so its your only chance to add it to your massive digital catalog. However only Runespell works for Mac. If you bought all the games on Steam you would be paying $28, so this is quite a discount.

To purchase the bundle head on over to, you can pay through Paypal or with a credit card and you will instantly get links to download the games interdependently or redeem them to Steam or Desura. If you already preordered the bundle just follow the link in your email for your downloads.

The REALLY BIG BUNDLE is going on for the next 5 days and is ever-increasing in price, so buy it sooner rather than later!

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