iFrogz Vertex Headphones With Mic Review

It is quite easy to go through tons of headphones and ear buds during the lifetime of your iPod, iPhone, or MP3 Player. Many times you’ll be forced to choose between quality accessories or affordable ones, but with iFrogz brand audio accessories, you’re given a compromise between high-quality and affordability all in one sleek package. I recently had the honor of reviewing the iFrogz Vertex With Mic headphones which can be found for $49.99 MSRP at most retail outlets and online stores. The Vertex come in both a Black and Red edition and the White and Silver one that I’ll be reviewing below.

I immediately knew I had a quality product as I held the Vertex Headphones package. Rather than some cheap blister pack that many affordable headphones come in, the Vertex comes in a see through box that showcases the headphones in all their glory. Along with the see-through package you’re also treated with a black insert that highlights the many features of the Vertex With Mic headphones from iFrogz. Let’s see just how much of the humble-brags found on the packaging actually held true once I put the Vertex through some testing.

Once the box was opened I felt the need to glide my hand over the long rubberized 3.5 mm cord that’s connected to the Vertex headphone, I’ve always been a fan of a cord that’s soft to the touch. Along with the hefty cord, I was geeked to get my hands/ears on the AeroFoam headphone speakers that iFrogz Audio products are known for. The heft of both the cord and the headphone jack is what drew me to the Vertex head phones. I am a clumsy man and many of my headphones or earbuds over the years have fallen to a plague of accidental cord yanks. Unfortunately, it had never dawned on me that the Vertex’s mic could not be used as a headset on my PC without an additional adapter. Thankfully after a little searching, I was able to grab in-line mic splitter that worked perfectly on my laptop and allowed me to talk while on Skype or playing TF2 on Steam.

Vertex by iFrogz are some of the most comfortable headphones my ears have ever had the honor of trying on. Sure there are plenty of headphones out there that are soft feeling, but I’ve never found one that so easily enveloped my whole ear yet barely put any pressure on my ears. The seal it created worked to not only give me a great listening experience, but also allowed for a fairly good way to isolate any noise that may have been surrounding me while listening to my music or podcasts. I am by no means an audiophile so I can’t tell you the details of how the headphones reacted to high and low frequencies or whether there was a tinny sound during playback, but what I can tell you is that I was extremely pleased with the quality of sound that came out of the speakers throughout my use.

To save on costs, iFrogz no doubt chose to utilize cheaper plastics in the construction of their Vertex headphones, while this cheapens the feel slightly it doesn’t completely destroy the overall aesthetic. On face value, you have a nice set of headphones that feel right at home next to the high-end audio accessories that can cost anywhere from double to even quadruple Vertex’s $49.99 price tag. As I mentioned earlier, the Vertex also comes with a strong reinforced plug that seems like it could handle just about any wear and tear you can throw at it. The Vertex strikes the perfect balance between functionality and price without sacrificing a sleek look that is a pleasure to rock out with while on the go.

With the Vertex, you have a set of sound isolating headphones that provide a high quality sound experience while allowing you to quickly answer any calls with a simple press of the in-line mic button. The Vertex from iFrogz give you a clear sound that can easily handle any podcasts you’re listening but also keep up with the Skrillex dubstep I used to test the headphones with. My eardrums were treated to a chest thumping experience that was localized to my ears and in no way felt uncomfortable or too harsh to bear. I can confidently suggest the Vertex headphones with mic to anyone looking for a great set of headphones that can also double as a mic for your phone.

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