EVE Online Crucible Expansion Now Live

That’s right, EVE Online’s fifteenth free expansion, code named ‘Crucible,’ is now live! Like those before it, this new expansion offers an impressive list of changes and updates for fans of this dark and gritty sci-fi MMO. While developer CCP is still clinging to their foolish pursuit of walking in stations (which has boiled down to ‘walking in captains quarters’ for now), this expansion also makes some great updates to the core gameplay; which is what true fans of the game tend to care about. Some of these welcome changes include drones that will at least attempt to return to your drone bay before you warp off, a ‘loot all’ option, more detailed kill mails (for gloating purposes), UI scaling options, and some ship balancing. I am most excited about the drones update, as I honestly can’t remember how many drones my Gallente pilot has left behind in the cold reaches of space. Visual updates, which are always welcome, also include new warp effects, new space nebulas (backgrounds), engine trails for leaving space tracks, and new station-themed captain’s quarters.

New Teir 3 battle cruisers!

For a full run down on whats new, you can take a look at the Crucible features page. As a former EVE player, I have to say that this expansion has one of the most impressive lists of features I have seen in some time. It might not be enough to differ me away from Star Wars The Old Republic later this month, but the prospect is very tempting. EVE is not for everyone, but for those brave few, it can be one of the greatest games in existence. Although, I have to say that CCP seems to focus on improving the wrong sections of their game a lot of the time. Why would you attempt to come out with a completely separate (and completely useless) walking in stations system when the game’s mission system still has you running the same fifteen randomly assigned missions over and over? Missions and PvE has never been one of the main selling points in EVE to begin with, but there is no reason not to improve it. I love PvP pew pew as much as the next space pilot, but sometimes you just want to do something different, and walking around in a captains quarters or playing chess on a station isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

New nebulas

If you have never tried out EVE before, there is really no better time than the present, as the game has taken tremendous strides since its first inception. Plus, its not like the game is particularly expensive or doesn’t offer trial periods. A fifteen day trial period really only begins to scratch the surface of this incredibly in depth game, but it’s a start. The game demands a certain level of patience and commitment that is simply beyond most gamers, but there is a reason this game is still around. Just don’t expect it to be anything like WoW, or you will be sorely disappointed. For those EVE veterans out there, this new expansion is a great reason to hop back into the game.  Even if EVE doesn’t interest you, if you like dubsetp and awesome space ships, check out the launch video bellow because it is simply awesome.  Check it out!


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