Fate/zero Anime Headed To America In March, Costs More Than A Console

Did you pick up Fate/Extra? The role-playing game released by Aksys Games last month hit the PlayStation Portable. The title is the latest in the franchise that started with Fate/stay night, which was released in 2004 as an adult visual novel game. In Fate/Extra, players fight for the ability to have their grandest desires fulfilled. As with Aksys tradition, the game came out in regular and limited editions.

In another world, Fate/zero took place. As a parallel universe to Extra, Aniplex has announced they’ll be releasing the series in Blu-Ray box sets in America. Right Stuf‘s listing for the series defines the extras as

Contains episodes 1-13, including unaired new footage.

This box set includes exclusive box artwork by Takashi Takeuchi, the Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack volume 1, the Drama CD, and a production materials booklet (Japanese) featuring exclusive staff interviews, conceptual art, and more plus a separate translation booklet in English.

Special Features: Trailers, TV Spots, Textless Opening and Ending.

All this seems to shape up to a very nice Japanese animation box set. Good amount of extras, both physical and on disc.

Given the price, $498.98 (before pre-order discount), and it better be filled with extras. In comparison, the long-running DC show Smallville just released a complete series box set, combining ten years worth of episodes, extras, and discs for a little over $200 before discounts.

If you pick up this box set (volume 1, with more on the way), Aniplex of America should make your own grandest desires come true.

Source: ANN

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