NeverDead Fighting Immortality Early Next Year

Konami’s upcoming, dismembering, and generally rocking title NeverDead has gone largely without mention. Rebellion Development’s production, featuring a hero that cannot die (reminiscent of some Wario titles on the Game Boy Color?) but can be maimed, mauled, and otherwise destroyed, looks to be an insane action title. Megadeth does the theme song, after all. The “3rd person shooter/extreme amputation simulator” will be hitting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 31st next year.

500 years ago, Bryce Boltzmann was cursed with immortality. In the modern day, he teams up with PI Arcadia, hunting demons that have cursed him for centuries. Bryce may get his head ripped off, but he can then throw it at enemies, acquire new limbs, and limp around legless; whatever gets the job done. The title shouldn’t be NeverDead, it should be Katamari Deadpool.

The game looks interesting and enjoyably over the top. Are you looking forward to it?

Source: Konami’s Facebook

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