New Street Fighter IV Change Log Breaks Version 2012 Down

First, there was Street Fighter IV, and it was good. With new characters and rebalanced old ones, Super Street Fighter IV came. Adding four more characters and further rebalancing the old, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition hit the arcade scene, followed by a home console release. Each of these upgrades cost money, but had substantial additions even to a layman, namely new characters.

Capcom’s being nice and benevolent this time. With no new characters to add (but a host of tweaks to implement to all 39 playable characters), Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012 will become downloadable on December 13th for console players (and soon after for PC). To prepare the tournament players for this change, Capcom has uploaded a full change list in multiple languages to their site. In addition, they’ve revealed a new trailer showcasing some of the changes, which will largely only be noticed by competitive players.

Of course, Hakan can now start the match oiled… which should completely change the game for everyone.

Source: Capcom

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  • i’ve always loved the SF2/4 series and these changes are very welcome