Zen Pinball Out Now For App Store And Android Marketplace

Zen Studios just cant be stopped – first they unleashed their amazing pinball games on Xbox 360, then Playstation 3, and now the two major mobile platforms have access too. Zen Pinball was just released for the Apple App Store and Android Market. The app is a free download that acts as a launcher for other tables, and comes with The Sorcerer’s Lair table – one of Zen’s best, for free.

The Marvel Pinball Wolverine and Captain America table are also available for $2 each. Zen Studios promises to keep updating the game with additional tables from their Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball catalog.

This isn’t some stripped down baby version of Zen Pinball – it is the full package. All the table effects and features are there, and the ball physics are quite amazing. Quite simply, this is the best pinball game for mobile devices, and you should probably just go ahead and uninstall any other pinball games you have on your favorite little smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately this means that not all devices are compatible. Only NVIDIA Tegra powered android phones are able to run it, and on the iOS side it requires iOS 5.0 meaning that older phones and iPod Touch models are left out.

But if you are able to run the game, download it now for either iOS or Android and jump into a single-player or hot-seat game.


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