Car Specs For Forza 4 December IGN Pack Released

Today a new title update was released for Forza 4 fixing some leaderboard and credit-glitching issues. The update also added the 10 new cars coming in December IGN Pack to the in-game store. While you can’t buy or use the cars yet you can see the performance stats and price.  Below are the stats for the upcoming cars, and wow some of them are monsters!


1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde
F145 – 5000CR or 1 Car Token
 Speed: 3.1
Handling: 4.2
Acceleration: 4.0
Launch: 4.0
Braking: 4.0
Power: 115hp
Torque: 119LB-FT
Weight: 2549lbs
Displacement:  2.0L


1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396
D329 – 60,000CR or 1 Car Token
 Speed: 5.2
Handling: 3.5
Acceleration: 6.9
Launch: 5.6
Braking: 3.5
Power: 375hp
Torque: 415LB-FT
Weight: 3,585lbs
Displacement:  6.5L


1977 Ford Escort RS1800
E201 – 35,000CR or 1 Car Token
 Speed: 3.0
Handling: 4.1
Acceleration: 5.4
Launch: 6.1
Braking: 4.1
Power:  115lb
Torque: 126LB-FT
Weight: 1986lbs
Displacement:  1.8L


2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
D280 – 42,000CR or 1 Car Token
 Speed: 4.5
Handling: 3.4
Acceleration: 5.2
Launch: 5.8
Braking: 3.6
Power: 411hp
Torque: 434LB-FT
Weight: 6006lbs
Displacement:  6.2L


1957 Maserati 300 S
C420 – 1,000,000CR or 3 Car Tokens
Speed: 6.6
Handling: 3.8
Acceleration: 6.9
Launch: 4.5
Braking: 3.6
Power: 260hp
Torque: 247LB-FT
Weight: 1720lbs
Displacement: 3.0L


2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
S674 – 220,000CR or 2 Car Tokens
Speed: 7.6
Handling: 6.9
Acceleration: 8.2
Launch: 7.9
Braking: 6.8
Power: 433hp
Torque: 361LB-FT
Weight: 3086lbs
Displacement: 4.7L


2011 Mazda RX-8 R3
C411 – 27,000CR or 1 Car Token
Speed: 5.5
Handling: 5.2
Acceleration: 6.2
Launch: 6.9
Braking: 5.1
Power: 232hp
Torque: 159LB-FT
Weight: 3065lbs
Displacement: 1.3L


1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
E233 – 5000CR or 1 Car Token
Speed: 3,4
Handling: 4.8
Acceleration: 4.9
Launch: 5.5
Braking: 4.7
Power: 135hp
Torque: 165LB-FT
Weight: 2790lbs
Displacement: 2.8L


2011 Suzuki #1 Monster Sport SX4 Hill Climb Special
R1878 – 1,000,000CR or 3 Car Tokens
Speed: 5.2
Handling 7.4:
Acceleration: 10
Launch: 10
Braking: 7.5
Power: 897hp
Torque:  654LB-FT
Weight: 2520lbs
Displacement: 3.1L


1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S
F102 – 5000CR or 1 Car Token
Speed: 3.0
Handling: 3.4
Acceleration: 3.8
Launch: 4.2
Braking: 3.3
Power: 74hp
Torque: 89LB-FT
Weight: 2015lbs
Displacement: 1.7L


Total cost to buy all new vehicles: 2,399,000CR’s.

As we can see from the above stats, some vehicles like the Maserati GT4 and Suzuki SX4 look to be quite fun on the track. On the other hand cars like the Scirocco S are complete fillers unfortunately.  The December IGN car pack launches on December 6th for $7 or free if you have the season pass.

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  • Iffy

    The Scirocco S is not ‘filler’ you philistine.
    I’d take more cars like the Escort and Scirocco any day over another boring, undriveable 900hp hypercar.
    Different strokes…

    • Anonymous

      I would say it is when we already have like 50 80/90s compacts that are almost identical in performance. I dont need every car to be a hypercar but come on, what makes the Scirocco different from anything already in the game?

      The Ford Escort is a highly requested and legendary rally car, the Maserati S is a beautiful classic, the RX-8 R3 is the last of its kind. The SX4 is the first hillclimb car ever in Forza. All these cars have purpose.

      I would say the Scirocco S and the Chevelle are complete filler – no one wanted them and they have too many of the same type of car already.

      • nate

        yes. WAY too many muscle cars. a few of the more famous models is cool but come on. One chevelle is enough lol

  • GCC

    I’d agree that the VW is not filler, but to call the SX4 “another boring, undriveable 900hp hypercar” is also WAY off the mark, it has a 10 launch which means in general grip is great, it’s a 4wd and has a mid top speed but nuts acceleration, unlike any other car in the game, being a hill climb car it is meant for tight corners, and it will be the first hillclimb car in the game, despite there being a massive hill like Fujimi. The Escudo would have been even better but I’ll take what i can get.

    Before you call someone a philistine becareful not to undervalue or despise a set of cars in the same comment making you a hypocrite.

    On another note no car in the game is undrivable, it’s just lack of skill within certain car classes, i do prefer the slower cars for closer nose to tail racing, but have no problem driving R1 class cars with no assists, it’s all about accelerator control, triggers are analogue for a reason.

    • GCC

      Would love to see how the new SX4 compares to the old Escudo in the game, heres hoping they add this one too :).

    • Anonymous

      Very good point. For example, the Koenigsegg Agera will spin out the moment you jam the trigger all the way down (even in 2nd or 3rd gear), but if you keep the throttle under control and wait to unleash the full power on a long straightaway then you can really benefit from the car.

      though I do wish that Forza let you de-tune engines

  • Bob

    Finally I’ve been waiting 10 years for a game to put in the Pontiac Fiero GT.
    I’m going to go ahead and buy this game now.

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