UFC Undisputed 3 Breaks Down Jason “Mayhem” Miller Vs Michael Bisping

Over on the UFC Undisputed blog, they released the stats of Jason Miller and Michael Bisping, along with their in-game attributes. Both of them are squaring off against each other tomorrow night for the finale of The Ultimate Fighter, Season 14.

Mayhem has a rating of 83 Cardio, 74 Speed, 78 Strength, 75 Footwork, 85 Submission Offense, 83 Ground Grapple Top Offense, 81 Ground Grapple Bottom Offense, 77 Standing Strike Defense while Bisping ratings are 75 Cardio, 87 Speed, 76 Strength, 79 Footwork, 81 Standing Strike Offense, 85 Ground Strike Offense, 78 Takedown Defense, 79 Submission Defense.

They have two fighter breakdown videos up as well.

Be sure to check out the above videos, they will not only get you excited about this fight tomorrow, but it will start getting your MMA juices running for UFC Undisputed 3 which is set to release, February 14 of next year. Speaking of which, Amazon has a deal right now where you will get $10 in credit if you pre-order it right now through them. You will also get access to the Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack which will help you with a knockout, create-a-fighter boost.


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