Atlus Aware Of The King Of Fighters XIII’s Divisive Online Mode

Various The King of Fighters XIII players who tried out the online play spoke out their various experiences with its performance and publisher Atlus responded to this reception.

After a week since its release, The King of Fighters XIII was met with good reception with some exceptions of the online mode from both review sites and the fighting game community. The online netcode is categorized into four different network types when finding a player with 1 bar being the worse and 4 being the best. Despite claims that the netcode was tuned for the console release of XIII after strong criticism of how it was dealt with in the previous KOF game XII, the release of XIII had some players still dealing with laggy games.

“While it is true KOFXIII provides a better online experience than XII, it needs to be improved in order for the game to thrive in the United States,” Dream Cancel administrator Neil Cambre said concerning the netcode in an open letter to Atlus. “We understand the difficulty of creating a flawless online experience for a country as large as the U.S. with as varied an infrastructure but it is something the Dream Cancel community strongly feels is necessary.”

Cambre also expands on how the need for better online is to further benefit tournament players and the lifespan of XIII in the United States.

Atlus Manager of PR and sales Aram Jabbari followed with a response in the Atlus forums with awareness of the netcode concerns.

“While the general consensus is that KOF XIII is one of if not the best entry in the series and that the netcode is noticeably improved over the previous iteration, we’re saddened to hear that many of our fans are frustrated with their online experiences thus far,” Jabbari said. “Just as it was in the months prior to the game’s release, we will do everything within our influence to help developer SNK PLAYMORE test and continue to improve KOF XIII‘s network performance.”

Jabbari added that the feedback from the community was found invaluable to help solve the issue.

Source: Dream Cancel, Atlus Forums 

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