Xenoblade Now Set For North American Release

After months of long petitioning, Nintendo finally confirmed that they will be finally releasing Monolith Soft’s latest Wii role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles in the North America continent.

Released on June 10, 2011 in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles wasn’t shown in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo as “Nintendo of America wouldn’t let them (Nintendo of Europe) because they didn’t want to show products they aren’t planning to sell.” Following Nintendo of Europe’s claim, fans of the games in IGN’s Nintendo Wii forums initiated their campaign “Operation Rainfall” with Xenoblade Chronicles as one of the three games demanded to be released in North America along with the other RPG games The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.

Nintendo of America on their Facebook today finally responded by initially uploading images of characters from Xenoblade and now confirming that the critically acclaimed game will be arriving on Apr. 2012. The North American version will be ESRB rated T and will feature the same interface text and voices as the European-localized version of the game.

Make sure to check out the confirmation trailer here!

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