Indie Game Dev Bundle Isn’t What You Think It Is, Still A Steal

The Humble Indie Bundle started a trend. After they started making indie games they got a fair amount of press while donating to charity, IndieRoyale followed up on it, sans charity. Envato, another organization for helping people, has announced they’re getting into the mix… sorta. Envato helps people who are building websites, games, apps, and everything digital. Their Indie Game Developers Bundle is just for that.

For $20, the Indie Game Dev Bundle bundles different resources that the burgeoning game producer might need. 3d models, graphics, music, skyboxes, sounds, textures, a tutorial, Unity 3D Starter Kits & Assets are all included. It looks as if you’ll even be able to make a very simple Galaga-esque knockoff for publication in the App Store, though the licensing details might murk that up a bit. While not for the gamer but the game creator, it’s an interesting look in how games can be made. The bundle will be available until noon on December 12th.

Would you make a game with these assets?

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  • Anonymous

    I guess the idea is nice…. and some of the unity stuff is pretty cool… but the license makes this almost useless.Maybe you could use it for mock ups or for practice or something…