Fruit Ninja Slashes Plushies In Half

The plural of “plushy” is “plushies”, right?

Fruit Ninja has been one of those all-ages titles that has transcended it’s initial release demographic. Originally released on iOS, it’s spread to Android, arcades, and even Kinect. A movie tie-in to Puss In Boots was released, and Facebook will be receiving it’s own version of the game for free.

Developer Halfbrick, seeing a potential in marketing the brand, have announced a new line of products based on the title. They have opened an online store, revealing two items: plushies of the Sensei and watermelon (and a combo pack of the two). Currently, the Sensei is available, while the watermelon and combo pack are up for preorder. The Sensei runs $15.99, while the watermelon $14.99 (and the dual “training” pack $29.99). Each item comes with the “Fruit Ninja Magic Tag”… which isn’t described at all. The watermelon looks like it can easily be slashed in half, with velcro holding it together.

Are you going to pick one up for the holidays?

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