Trine 2 Release Date Revealed

If you’ve been following Trine 2 as actively as me, the release date for the last six months has been December 2011.  Even as we entered December it was still vague.

As a huge Trine fan, I am happy to reveal that Trine 2 will be coming to PC & Mac (Steam) on December 7th. Then on PSN in North America on December 20th and finally on XBLA Worldwide on December 21st. The European PSN release date is still TBD but hopefully it will come out around the same time.

You can pre-purchase the game already on Steam and Direct2Drive. The regular edition is $14.99 and Collectors Edition is $24.99. The PC/Mac editions even feature Steamworks support for multiplayer, Achievements, Steam Cloud and even Steam Play

Trine 2 is a fantastic and extremely beautiful game that uses some insane lighting effects to add bloom to an already breathtaking environment. If you add that to some creative and deep multi-character puzzle gameplay, you’ve got yourself a great game that is a must buy. Check out our Trine 2 Preview, and keep your eyes peeled on Platform Nation for the review in the weeks to come.

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