Check Out This Portable SNES

I love modders. Let me just say that right off the back. They have the most creative, and sometimes needless, creations. This, however, is one of the best mods I’ve ever seen.

Hyperkin has created a portable Super Nintendo, and it looks absolutely amazing. The brand new SupaBoy allows you to play Super Nintendo and Super Famicom games portably. The product features on the site list a 2.5 hour battery life, AV out, 3.5 inch LCD screen, and two controller slots. Super Mario WorldStarfoxDonkey Kong CountryThe Legend of Zelda A Link To The PastSuper Mario KartChrono Trigger, and “others” are stated to be supported in the consoles press release.

I’m pretty tempted to drop the $80 to snag one of these. What about the rest of you? Will you be joining in on all the SNES fun?



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