A Simple Question: The Next Next-Generation Console

We’ve gotten a good ride out of this generation of consoles.  While some may argue we’re just now hitting the stride for these systems, many (myself included) are looking ahead to what might be possible out of the next hardware offerings from the Big 3.  We’ve seen what Nintendo proposes with the Wii U, as well as some murmurings about Xbox 720 specs.  Folks are also talking more about when these systems, along with the PlayStation 4, might find their way to market (late 2012 for Wii U, and anytime between 2012-2015 for the other two).  But do we really NEED a new system right now?  Folks backing the Wii probably could do with an upgrade, but as I play Skyrim on my first generation Xbox 360, I am amazed at what can be pumped out of these systems (and on one disc, no less).  It got me thinking:

Are you satisfied with the current generation of consoles (to the point that you’re not itching for the next generation just yet)?

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While I’m all about getting the newest toy, I have to say that there is so much I still need to do with my current one, that I don’t know if I’m ready for the next generation.  And as Microsoft continues to add to the features of the existing system (Hello FiOS), I find myself looking less and less towards the future, and more at what I have in front of me.  Will I grab a new console on day 1?  Surely.  Am I scouring the internet trying to gobble up details of these new systems right now? Nope.  I’m content with what I have right now, and don’t mind waiting a little while for the next thing to come along.

What do you think? What system are you using, and are you ready to move on? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • tater

    That’s pretty tough to answer yes or no.   I’m still pretty happy with xbox but sure I’ll buy the new one. 

  • Derek K.

    I have no desire for a next generation console. The 1 I have now is doing quite well. A new console with split all my friends into old and new players, make me and then spend money, and give me a minimal benefit at best. Unless the new x box is psychically controlled and makes toast I don’t want it.

    Going through the hassle of developers learning how to use the new console simply to get 1 more AA, 5 more guys on the screen, And an even more uncanny valley doesn’t sound like something that’s worth my money or my time.

  • Anonymous

    What people forget is that there are a lot of dynamic effects that can be added without straining development costs. Engines already support things like dynamic shadows and lights, as well as fire and water rendering. On top of that their are effects like softbody modeling and other improvements that have never really been seen on consoles. New graphics cards will help push these effects much further.
    Dynamic effects are what give games their photorealism, and even a mid line GPU from today outpreforms the ones in current consoles by a lot. Games can get much better looking, I think many people just dont have a conception of how.

  • Sam

    although i am content with the current consoles and the games coming out for these consoles I think that thats as good as we can get with this generation and think it is about time for the next generation of consoles because although graphics may not improve drastically there is also AI, the size and length of the games and the like that will have a chance to improve greatly that i think will make better and more engaging games in the future.
    So yeah i am really looking forward to the next gen. consoles.

  • Josh K

    Your stupid it comes out in a year not tomorrow besides what about the red ring of death problem they can finally fix that with 720. And their so many games that have to be cut shaped down to fit the 360 and ps3 needs games are now more advanced then the consoles. for example. GTA 5s map and story length is to huge for the 360 and ps3 meaning that if new consoles don’t come out within the next 2 years we could see a 2014 or 2015 release and I’m speaking for all GTA fans and I’m saying screw that. 360 and ps3 technology is outdated 5 years+ we need new hardware! Sorry about the your stupid part

  • Mvolke1

    As a person who only owns a Wii and a N3DS, I am geeking for a Wii U. 

  • I’m perfectly happy with what is out right now. I’m looking at it from a standpoint that I really don’t want to drop another $300-$500 just to get started again. Besides, I still have a TON of good games in my backlog. 🙂

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