UFC Undisputed 3 Simulates UFC 140

The folks over at THQ did it again! They released another simulation video showing off UFC Undisputed 3, this time for the upcoming Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida fight that’s taking place this weekend at UFC 140. Here’s the video, and right after if, we will highlight some of the stats that they also sent our way.

In a video preview for this weekend’s hotly anticipated UFC 140, THQ and UFC Undisputed 3 have ran 25 AI simulations of the World Light Heavyweight Championship between the great Lyota ‘The Dragon’ Machida and the 24 year old phenom Jon ‘Bones’ Jones—with Jones retaining his belt 72% of the time.

Some interesting facts from the simulation:
· Jones’s landed 42% more strikes than Machida
· Machida only recorded a single knockout over the 25 matches
· Of Jones’s wins, just one was by submission

I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m a much bigger fan of this new style of how they did their simulation of the fight. More stats, less of a WTF?!? moment. It just seems like this would be much more true to form.

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