Win Some Starhawk Private Beta Codes, Day 3

Platform Nation has a whole lot of codes to the Starhawk Private beta that is kicking off today. The cool thing is that we want to share them with all of you! Each day for the rest of this week, we will be giving away 10 codes here. It’s pretty simple to enter, all you have to do is check out the widget below.

And if you don’t win today, don’t worry to much, there will be yet another giveaway for 10 more codes tomorrow!

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  • looking forward to the awesome experience from warhawk anew 😀 cant wait

  • cant wait to try out the HAWKS in Starhawk

  • Rock_and_roll84

    Looking forward to playing it 😉

  • Alejandro

    Looking forward to the new build and battle system!

  • Reybquick

    This game looks awesome…..hoping to play the beta before the actual release!

  • Anonymous

    Kicking some but with War/Starhawks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the chance!  Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    The dog fights

  • Loved Warhawk. Hope I get it

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to space battles!

  • Ooh, hope I get a code!

  • Fishyowns

    Warhawk was great, this should be too! 😀

  • As a fan of Warhawk I am very curious to see what the team have come up with for Starhawk

  • clement renaudin

    I’d like one!

  • Nathanial H.

    I’m looking forward to flying the new “warhawk” planes.. that’s going to be so cool

  • H2rraklaabu320

    well i love freedom in starhawk

  • Tegsy1

    starhawk multiplayer ftw

  • Rubinah Ahmad

    Im looking forward to the space battles. PSN: Morierr

  • I can not wait to try the robo-hawk