Dynasty Warriors Next Will Be Part Of PlayStation Vita’s Launch Lineup

The Dynasty Warrior series from Tecmo Koei has been a staple of the PlayStation brand for over a decade now.  With the release of the new PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system about a week away,Techmo Koei has announced that their new Dynasty Warriors Next portable title will be released on February 22nd, 2012. The Dynasty Warriors series has always been loved by fans across the world and it’s befitting that the Vita has its own entry into the series coming out as a launch title.

BURLINGAME, Calif. December 9th, 2011 – TECMO KOEI America Corp. today announces that DYNASTY WARRIORS® NEXT, developed by OMEGA FORCE for PlayStation® Vita handheld entertainment system, will be released across North America on February 22nd 2012.

 The main features include:

·         Fusion of button controls with touch controls, such as multi-touch screen and rear touch panel sensor (6 axis detection)

·         Communication enhanced by local play and Wi-Fi/3G: Connect with other players and enjoy continuous social interaction. Use PlayStation Vita’s Live Area, the new Conquest Mode (supporting Wi-Fi and 3G) and the new 4 player ad-hoc co-op multi-player “Coalition Mode” for a rich multiplayer experience.

·         Dynasty Warriors Next also sees the return of fan favourite ‘Edit Mode’, where players can create and customize their own warriors!

With titles like Dynasty Warriors Next, the PlayStation Vita’s launch line up is already shaping up to be stronger than the Nintendo 3DS’ year’s worth of releases. I look forward to what this sexy handheld has to offer upon its release on February 22nd, 2012.

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