The Dark Eye: Demonicon Preview

What do you get when you take a German based pen-and-pencil game that outsells Dungeons and Dragons, and make it into a video game? Well let me tell you, you get The Dark Eye: Demonicon!

The game starts off with you playing as Cairon, the brother of Calandra who has run off to investigate the disappearance of woman and children in Aventuria. Cairon and his father’s first instinct was that his sister has run off to lose her virginity, so she would not have to enter in a marriage that has been pre-arranged for her (as she would need to be a virgin to enter into the marriage). As Cairon fights his way through the cave where Calandra has run off, you get the sense of just how dark the story and world may be. But before Carion sets off on his quest, his father reminds him that Cairon’s blood and Calandra’s blood must not mix, and why? Well they wouldn’t give us the plot of the story of course, but I will say it will have to do with demonic powers.

Cairon does find his sister after fighting off hordes of enemies in the cave using magic and his mighty sword, leaving a path bodies.  He finds her in rough shape; bleeding, but very happy and relieved to see her brother. And as any good brother that has set off to find his sibling, Carion patches up his sister. She explains that she has not run off to lose her virginity (yes, much of the beginning is spent telling us that she is pure), but rather was looking into the disappearance of the women and children, as she seen the man that was responsible for bringing them into the cave. As Cairon stops Calandra’s bleeding their blood mixes and something comes over them.  It is here that the story begins, and The Dark Eye: Demonicon certainly has my attention! The Dark Eye: Demonicon is going to be one of the top RPG’s I will be looking forward to next year. From the darkness of the caves, to the action of the gameplay and witty storyline, this action RPG from Kalypso will take us all by surprise. It not only has all the RPG elements we look for in an RPG, but the details and storyline that I think is the basis for a great game.

The Dark Eye: Demonicon will be heading our way in late 2012 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 for $49.99 and will carry a price tag of $39.99 for the PC. This is going to be one action-packed Action RPG for that price tag, as the game is said to have 25 to 30 hours of game play.

Now take a look at some screenshots and artwork.  I can’t wait to see more about it, and also can’t wait to get my hands on the game, as we have only seen the pre-alpha build and, even in that stage, I was very impressed with The Dark Eye: Demonicon!

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