VGA’s 2011: Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Hang on Mass Effect fans as we have the newest Mass Effect 3 Trailer for you to take a look at. Now I am not a fan of the Mass Effect series as I never fully dived into any of the Mass Effect games, but this is one awesome looking trailer.

The pinnacle of the critically-acclaimed epic action-RPG series has arrived. The galactic war has begun and only Commander Shepard has the power to decide the fate of the galaxy against the evil ancient alien race known as the “Reapers”.

I told you it looked awesome! Let us know what you think Mass Effect Fans.

Source (trailer) GameTrailers

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  • Craig

    I’m still hoping for space combat, I really do hope we finally get to step into Jokers shoes and pilot the Normandy, It’s a shame most of crew died in ME2 though