Win Some Starhawk Private Beta Codes, Day 5

Platform Nation has a whole lot of codes to the Starhawk Private beta that is kicking off earlier this week. The cool thing is that we want to share them with all of you! We have given away 10 codes a day since the beta kicked off, and now since it’s the weekend, we figured we would give out 20 more codes! It’s pretty simple to enter, all you have to do is check out the widget below.

Once you are done with this giveaway, you should really check out our other giveaways that we have going on right now as well. We have an awesome Modern Warfare 3 prize pack up for grabs, a signed copy of Batman Arkham City, a signed copy of Gears of War 3, and later on this weekend, we will be giving away a couple more copies of Modern Warfare 3!

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  • tahitiwarrior

    I loved warhawk, really looking forward the Starhawk new in game building creation !!!!

  • Thanks for this guys 🙂

  • Vgtheater

    Im really looking forward to this game new gameplay build and battle,once again good luck everyone.i hope I win this time 🙂

    • You might want to check our email, you won from yesterday!

  • Alejandro

    Lookimg forward to kick some ass with the new hawks!

  • Tegsy1

    looking forward for the awesome multiplayer combat that was in warhawk

  • thanks!

  • good jjob

  • Luke Farmer

    I’m so torn between this game and Dust 514, both… so… good…

  • Murkawicz

    looking forward to playing this with friends online and local!

  • CaptainMittens

    Looks like a badass game, Warhawk vet here!

  • Marco

    I love Starhawk, and what I like best is the robo-hawk

  • bennyweny1

    Im looking forward to the planes

  • bennyweny1

    I can’t wait for the weapons

  • bennyweny1

    I always loved warhawk and was upset when me bro got rid of it. I really wish I had it again

  • I love Starhawk and I like the robo-hawk

  • shinto_ike

    Can wait for the slaughter

  • DrifterDude

    cant wait for the air mine noobs.

  • Rocksteady7

    I am most looking forward to the new Build-and-Battle system. That’s going to really change to gameplay! I’m also looking forward to the space map (or maps???). I have Warhawk and I thought it was really good, so Starhawk should even better!!!

  • Sdd707

    Starhawk:Unbelievably Epic

  • Xxgameprogrammerxx

    This looks really cool. Never played Warhawk, maybe I’ll give this a try.

  • hogbreath02

    i cant wait for all the team based gameplay

  • Theroflcop

    I’m looking forward to the hawks. Can’t have Warhawk or Starhawk without the hawks. Thats like trying to have voltron without the lions.

  • Chunkylover234

    should be good to give it a go

  • Kevinmadrid17

    Because I want to witness the best war space experience in the best console PS3

  • Rikvbb

    This is the game i am waiting for years 🙂