VGA’s 2011: Batman Arkham World Teased

If you watched last nights VGA’s you already know that Joker won Best Character, for his part in Batman: Arkham City, but did you catch his acceptance speak? Through his one liners at the end he held onto a script and by the picture above you can what it says. And even though the Joker let out a whoops spoilers as he threw down the Batman: Arkham City script, can we assume Batman: Arkham World is in the making or just something to get our attention. Whatever the case I know fans would love to see another Batman title in the works.

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  • i really hope this is true as I just completed Batman:AC and loved it.

  • Adam Jagger

    Nah. I reaaaaally doubt this is real.

  • Ryan Strain (ZwiAn)

    I hope that isn’t the name… doesn’t roll well off the tongue, plus it implies that Batman is a global police man