More Duke, Just In Time For Christmas

If you still have your copy of Duke Nukem Forever and want to play more, do I have a treat in store for you! Tomorrow, 2K is dropping The Doctor Who Cloned Me, a single-player add-on to this year’s…crudest…game.

Ol’ Duke is back and rampaging through Area 51, picking up new weapons and fighting new enemies. Also, achievements. And, if single-player isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also four multiplayer maps: Sky-High, Command, Drop Zone, and Biohazard.

This additional content can be purchased starting tomorrow for a mere $9.99.

Information comes from Giant Bomb

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  • I just picked the game up for $4.99 new at Best Buy, even though I played my buddies I had to own this one for myself and to shell out $9.99 for DLC that is a no go in my book, as I can’t see paying more for DLC than the game.