Gears Of War 3 Season Pass Holders Unable To Download Raam’s Shadow DLC For Free

UPDATE: Many users are reporting that it is now working and Epic have updated their forum post with the suggestion that people try it again. Some people still seem to be having problems though, so for now just keep trying and keep an eye on the official thread.


In the last few hours the Raam’s Shadow DLC was released onto Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft points. If you’ve bought the season pass you should be able to download it for free, but right now season pass holders are reporting that they are directed to the 1200 Microsoft point version like everyone else.

Epic have opened a support thread for the issue on their forums and so far have this to say:

“Hey folks, we’re talking with Microsoft about Season Pass Holders having issues downloading the RAAM’s Shadow DLC. As soon as we hear some news we’ll post here and on our social channels. We’re very sorry for the delay and we’ll get this sorted out as soon as possible.”

It’s not much to go on and with no more information than that we’d recommend season pass owners hold out on downloading it until Epic and Microsoft are able to fix the problem as right now you will be charged for it. In the mean time keep an eye on the support thread for any official updates.


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  • FearAndLoa7hing

    I think epic needs to give season pass holders something extra after this because we put down money up front and now this is the second dlc we are getting delayed?!?!

  • Dantheman23312

    Epic trolling…..

  • EPIC cant do nothing right

  • first reset rank then updates delaid now this WTF

    • gunner byrd

      i got reset too….and i dropped a bunch of money at midnight release…and bought 2 season passes. one for me and one for my gf’s xbox. 

  • RL Charger

    i wouldn’t mind 2 free weapon skins ^.^

  • Microsoftdix

     Shouldn’t pay a bookie in advance, shouldn’t pay epic in advance… Noted.

  • BV13

    Epic Fails

  • Physco pat

    I feel like an idiot because I went on ahead and downloaded it anyway. So now im in the postion of haveing 1200 points less. I thought it was a glitch but guess not so i got screwed

    • MASIO10X

      you will get your MS points refunded, just call Microsoft Customer Care

    • MASIO10X

      you will get your MS points refunded, just call Microsoft Customer Care

  • Anonymous

    I dont think XBL has worked out Season Passes yet. Same thing happened with the first release for the Forza 4 season pass.

  • Josegow2

    ppl the dlc is up for free now for all season pass holders 

  • I am just glad my backlog is so big I haven’t even thought of the DLC yet, but this will have me rethinking buying another Season Pass

    • N8

      Right on good looking out dimonda!

  • Alex

    i feel a scam and i dont like it going to play mw3 now on

  • lostruin

    I shall download now it’s available for free!